Marital Agreements

By Daniel B. Evans
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Last updated 4/6/2008)

This summary has been prepared to explain marital rights and marital agreements to clients and other interested persons. Unless otherwise noted, all references are to the laws of Pennsylvania.

Rights in Absence of Agreement.

In the absence of an agreement, a husband and wife will have the following rights and obligations:

Support During the Marriage. During the marriage, either the husband or wife may be required to support the other party.

Death During the Marriage. Upon the death of a married person:

Rights upon Divorce. Upon the divorce of a husband and wife, the court granting the divorce may order:

Marital Agreements.

Most of the rights of a husband and wife can be modified by an agreement entered into before or during the marriage.

Purposes of Agreement. A marital agreement may have one or more of the following purposes:

Rights Modified. All of the property and support rights of a husband and wife can be waived or modified by agreement except:

Contractual Requirements. In order for a marital agreement to be legally binding:

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