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Rule 7.1A. Exceptions. Form and Contents.
(a) No exceptions shall be filed to orders or decrees entered in proceedings unless the right to except thereto is expressly conferred by Act of Assembly, by general rule, or by special order; and all decrees other than those to which Exceptions are so allowed to be taken are FINAL.

(b)(1) Exceptions to findings of fact and conclusions of law contained in adjudications, orders and decrees shall be in writing, shall be numbered consecutively, and shall be signed by the exceptant or his attorney.

(2) Each exception shall be specific, shall raise but one question and shall set forth briefly the reason or reasons in support thereof.

(3) Questions which were the proper subject of objections to accounts, inventory, or statements of proposed distribution and were not raised when the account was called for audit, or questions which might properly have been raised by an answer to or during a hearing on a petition, shall not be subject of exceptions, and if so made shall be subject to dismissal.

(4) Exceptions shall not contain averments of fact. Rule 7.lB. Exceptions. Time for Filing. Brief.

Except as otherwise provided, exceptions, with a brief in support thereof, shall be filed as of course with the Clerk within ten (10) days from service of a copy of the adjudication, order, or decree complained of, and a true and correct copy of the exceptions and brief served upon all parties in interest, or their counsel of record, who shall have ten (10) days to respond. Proof of service as aforesaid shall be filed with the Clerk prior to any disposition of the exceptions.

[Adopted April 1, 1993, effective 30 days after publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. 26 Pa.B. 467 (2/3/96).]

Rule 7.1C. Exceptions. Partial Distribution.
When the matters which are the subject of an adjudication, schedule of distribution, or the report of an auditor or master, are so separate and distinct that an exception to any one or more, whether sustained or dismissed, cannot affect the remainder, and the accountant will not be prejudiced by the distribution of such remainder, confirmation of the adjudication, schedule of distribution, or report, shall not be suspended, except as to those matters to which exceptions have been filed; distribution may proceed as to the remainder, and any party from whom such distribution has been withheld may petition the Court to order distribution.

[Adopted April 1, 1993, effective 30 days after publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. 26 Pa.B. 467 (2/3/96).]

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