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Pa. O.C. Rule 4. Computation of Time

Pa. O.C. Rule 4.1. Generally.
___(a) When any period of time is referred to in any rule, such period in all cases, except as otherwise provided in Rules 2 and 3 of this Section, shall be so computed as to exclude the first and include the last day of such period.

___(b) Whenever the last day of any such period shall fall on Saturday or Sunday, or on any day made a legal holiday by the laws of this Commonwealth or of the United States, such day shall be omitted from the computation.

[Amended January 1, 1968, effective February 1, 1968.]

Pa. O.C. Rule 4.2. Publication for Successive Weeks.
___Whenever in any rule or Act of Assembly providing for the publishing of notices, the phrase "successive weeks" is used, weeks shall be construed as calendar weeks. The publication upon any day of such weeks shall be sufficient publication for that week, but at least five days shall elapse between each publication.

___At least the number of weeks specified in "successive weeks" shall elapse between the first publication and the day for the happening of the event for which publication shall be made.

Pa. O.C. Rule 4.3. Computation of Months.
___Whenever in any rule or Act of Assembly the lapse of a number of months after or before a certain day is required, such number of months shall be computed by counting the months from such day excluding the calendar month in which such day occurs, and shall include the day of the month in the last months so counted having the same numerical order as the day of the month from which the computation is made, unless there are not so many days in the last month so counted, in which case the period computed shall expire with the last day of such month.

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